Level 4


Revenu Quebec has confirmed that this is a problem with TurboTax that Intuit has not addressed for 2018 (it worked fine in previous years); the agent I spoke with said that he is not aware of the issue with any other approved tax software . The return can be submitted on paper without the TPF-1.U as long as either all relevant keying summaries or the complete return and schedules are sent.


The difference is that the TPF-1.U displays QR codes that contains all of the Income Tax Return Data, which can be scanned by Revenu Quebec instead of manually entering the information on the keying summaries or return. Because of that, the return will take considerably longer to process without the TPF-1.U.
TurboTax phone support does not acknowledge that this is a software issue, and can provide a variety of 'solutions' that don't work as well as excuses that don't make sense or contradicts information provided by Revenu Quebec.