Level 2

After you file

If you already have filed your tax return and you need to make some changes, you will need to amend it.  In this case, you must wait to receive your Notice of assessment before making any changes to your tax return. Please visit How can I amend my Tax Return? to learns different ways to amend your tax return and see how to use ReFILE in your TurboTax software.


To change your citizen status, you just need to go to “My info” on the left side of your tax return. Select “Personal information”, scroll down, and find the question “are you a Canadian citizen?” and select “Yes”. Then answer the authorization question and click on “Continue” to save the changes.


Online adjustments process in about two weeks. Once your adjustment request has been processed, you will receive a Notice of Reassessment which outlines approved changes. If your adjustment request is not approved, you’ll receive a letter of explanation from CRA.


As soon as you submit an adjustment request online, you can’t submit another until the first one has been finalized. If you have more than one adjustment to make, try to have all of your information ready at once and do it all in one shot. You are allowed to make multiple adjustments all on one request.


If you still need assistance with TurboTax please contact our phone support team for further assistance or contact us directly on Facebook or Twitter.


Thank you for using TurboTax