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I am not able to net file an amend T2 tax return?

When I net file the amended T2 I get a message saying TurboTax Business Incorporated is able to connect to the internet but the requested service is down or not responding at this time. I've contacted CRA and they has stated that their system is up and running. 

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After you file

The CRA does not accept amendments by Netfile. You will need to print and mail your return.

More information relating to Netfile is available here: http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/esrvc-srvce/tx/ndvdls/netfile-impotnet/lgblty-eng.html

If you require additional assistance with your TurboTax Business Incorporated software, you can contact their support services here: 1 866-438-8020

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After you file

The link in the answer by Sara@TurboTax is for Individuals. The question was for Incorporated Business. CRA DOES accept amended T2 returns by NetFile. According to CRA on this page:
 "You can electronically transmit a request for a reassessment to your corporation income tax return using the latest commercial tax preparation software packages."
It wouldn't work for me in TurboTax Inc. Bus., so I switched to TaxCycle, where it does work.