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I entered an income twice in my 2013 turbo tax software. and I want to delete one of the entries.

I entered the same income into Business Income and Commission income in error, and I want to delete the entry in the Commission income. Again this is in my Turbo Tax 2013 tax form which I'm trying to file .. I know it's late, and my deadline is this Friday. .

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After you file

Good afternoon,

Thank you for your question.  Click on forms view. (if you are in easy step click on the forms Icon in your blue tool bar)

Scroll to the bottom of your screen.  Here, you will see three tabs, your name, forms and T-slips.

Click on the T-slip tab.

From the left side of the window, under federal click on the T-slip you wish to modify or edit. 

Each column represents a slip entered,  to delete a slip, clear a column.

Save and close.

I hope this helps.


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After you file

Thank you Leeanne for such a quick reply!!

Because I am a procrastinator I am just filing my 2013 taxes now ... only because I have been threatened by Revenue Canada to "take my life away" if I don't file by this friday ........ Imagine my horror when I finally worked though your forms and printed out the return and saw that I entered the same income in two different places, which resulted in an amount owing to revenue Canada.

But trying to correct that was a horror story in its own ...... I couldn't use the Turbo Tax help system because it wanted a zip code instead of a postal code, and of course that just added to my frustration.

It is only because I received an email asking me to buy your 2015 software that I was able to "get to you", after 2 frustrating days of trying everything I could to make the correction.

So your instructions were dead on (no pun intended) and I have corrected the error, and you will be happy to know I am now in the "get a refund" column.

But, 2014 returns have already been threatened (by you know who) and now I am faced with purchasing 2014 software from you..... hahahahah ... and I can't find a place anywhere on your web site to make the purchase !!!!