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After you file

Thank you Leeanne for such a quick reply!!

Because I am a procrastinator I am just filing my 2013 taxes now ... only because I have been threatened by Revenue Canada to "take my life away" if I don't file by this friday ........ Imagine my horror when I finally worked though your forms and printed out the return and saw that I entered the same income in two different places, which resulted in an amount owing to revenue Canada.

But trying to correct that was a horror story in its own ...... I couldn't use the Turbo Tax help system because it wanted a zip code instead of a postal code, and of course that just added to my frustration.

It is only because I received an email asking me to buy your 2015 software that I was able to "get to you", after 2 frustrating days of trying everything I could to make the correction.

So your instructions were dead on (no pun intended) and I have corrected the error, and you will be happy to know I am now in the "get a refund" column.

But, 2014 returns have already been threatened (by you know who) and now I am faced with purchasing 2014 software from you..... hahahahah ... and I can't find a place anywhere on your web site to make the purchase !!!!