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Manitoba Personal Tax Credit

Issue: Spousal 2019 returns prepared:

1) both spouses have net income that is lower than their total non-refundable tax credit amounts.  

2) the tax program Sch 2 and Sch2(MB) for both spouses, claims the transferable amount for respective spouse on Line 32600 (T1Gen Step 5) and line 58640 (MB428).  Therefore both are claiming each other's transfer amounts.  

3) CRA. disallows the MB Personal Tax Credit because they consider the spouse as ineligible, because they have had their transferred amount claimed by another person (their spouse).

4) is there a way (some box to check etc...) to tell the program not to claim the spouses excess non-refundable amounts?  I have scoured the help menu and have found no way to turn off the transfer of amount to a spouse.  The only way I can think to remove the transfer amount is to do an F2 override.  But doing so makes it so the return can not be net-filed.