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I don;t think this is correct?


66 y/o filing under retired status for the first time. I retired in Dec. 2019. Used T.T for over 2 decades. Never had a issue.

I just ran my taxes thru 2 times and am concerned as to the result from entering my IRA withdrawal from my 1099-R. I withdrew $10,000 from my IRA instructing Fidelity to hold  $2000.00 for taxes. My 1099 states this. Upon entering the data from my 1099, T.T is giving me a $2000.00 refund. It is giving my taxes back to me. I don't wand an annoying audit in the future so I ask. Have other users had the same result? I'm getting back more than $2000 but the 1099 input was the first item of my income to input and it looks wrong to get the money you held for taxes back.

Thank you for your opinion! Not expecting this result!