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Where or how do i enter the T777-s info in Turbotax Standard? That's the covid-related work from home deduction for $2 per day up to $400. Cant find it anywhere.

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The CRA form T777s is new this year but will be in the 2020 T1 module by way of update before net-filing open at CRA, February 22,2021

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Expenses related to a home workspace can be included on line 22900 but there are considerations to review with the new allowances and possibilities available due to Covid 19 this year. 


Here are Canada Revenue Agency links with information regarding:

Employment Expenses 2020 

CRA  Eligibility criteria - Temporary flat rate method 


Note: If using the form method, one of the forms required, the T777S-Statement of Employment Expenses for Working at Home Due to COVID-19, for the flat rate method will be available on one of our upcoming software updates. It will be found when you enter your T4. Scroll down to the bottom of the T4 where you will be asked about working from home.


However and unfortunately, you may come across locked forms, or receive a message saying that forms aren’t finalized when using TurboTax, you will not be allowed to complete the filing of your return. Please see the link below for more information.


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