Level 2


Thank you for this reply.  This was exactly what I was facing.


I could see that TT2020 was registered online, as the window flashed up, but something then crashed the application on every subsequent opening.  TT customer support is so very lacking, both in listening to the problem, and actually fixing it - SO MANY WEEKS LATER!


I hate that I have done untold damage to my machine stripping it down, running without anti-virus, VPN, or behind the router, etc.  So much ignorance on the part of the Intuit programming team - makes you wonder if they are involved with organized crime, as the number of customers who have opened their doors to trojans and other malware is HUGE. 


So it was a real surprise when I saw it was something as simple as using a hotspot instead of wasted HOURS in windows forums. 


Thanks again for posting this, and Intuit still has likely lost me as a future customer, and the three young families (my kids) that will likely never come back to them because they will follow where I go if I am to help them do their taxes as consolidated packages (transfers etc.).  At the very least customer support should be fired for not pinning every one of these solutions at the top of active threads!