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How do I update my mailing address in TurboTax online?

I need to update my mailing address for when I submit my taxes. I have updated my address with the CRA, but when I go to pay for my TurboTax services the incorrect address autofills in my credit card billing. 

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We can guide you to update your mailing address on TurboTax Online. Please follow the steps presented below: 

  1. On your TurboTax Online return, go to the left side and click on "My info"
  2. On "My info", you will see a list of options. Go down and click on "Contact information"
  3. You will find your mailing address information. You can edit your Street Address, City, Province, and new Postal Code.
  4. Once you finish updating, click on "Continue" to save your changes.
  5. By pressing “Summary” on the left side of your TurboTax Online return, you will be able to view the changes made.

If you are still not able to update your mailing address, you can contact us by visiting https://support.turbotax.intuit.ca/contact/ 


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