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Do I submit my entire phone expenses under the GST taxable column for employment expenses? I have a T2200 from employer saying I can claim phone expenses

There are three columns to submit telecommunication expenses: "GST taxable"; "HST taxable"; and "Zero rated & exempt". I don't know what to put where? The total of my annual phone bill? Just the GST I paid?


Choose the column based on what you paid. It depends on which province you live in if it was GST or HST. Zero-rated and exempt usually are food and residential rent.

The column you claim your expenses under will not affect your Employment Expense claim, but if you are claiming the GST/HST rebate (GST370), it's important you enter under the correct column.

In your case you should enter the total of your phone bills + the tax you paid (GST or HST) under that specific heading.