Help with Error 2287.
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Help with Error 2287.

Help with Error 2287. This has to do with the split-pension amount (specifically Form T1032). The error is saying either of one of these 2 scenarios is happening:

1)that the amount on line 6802 is greater than line 115, line 129 minus line 5344, line 5508 and line 5511. For some reason, I can't find lines 5344, 5508 and 5511. But I'm pretty sure it's false anyway. 

2) The entry on line 210 is greater than the maximum split-pension amount (line D of Form T1032) or there are no corresponding entries made on any of the lines of Form T1032, Joint Election to Split Pension Income. Line D has to do with if there was a change in marital status in the year, which there wasn't, so that line is $0. So of course line 210 is a higher amount. 

I'm just confused at this point and any help is appreciated. I think there may be an error in Turbotax on this one...

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