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I separated in December from spouse-I do not have his sin and income they are asking how do I bypass this

The system will not let me advance until I fill in my ex spouses SIN and his income for last year. We are separated and do not speak so it is impossible for me to get this info-what do I do?



If you separated or divorced in 2018, the CRA will still require your spouse’s information.

If you separated or divorced before 2018, you say "No" to the question "Did you separate from your spouse/partner in 2018?".

To make changes, select “Marital Status” from under “Setting Up/Introduction” in the left side menu. Choose the correct options and click the “Continue” button to save your information.

If you can’t see “Setting Up” (or there are locks next to everything), use the “Back” button at the bottom of the page to go backwards through the interview until you get to the “What's your marital status?” page.

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