Level 3

turbo tax self employed may have errors calculating 10.1 vehicles for CCA if they costed more than 30k

I am not sure if the turbo tax is properly calculating my CCA allowed amount. My truck was bought (brand new in feb 2019) its class 10.1. for $50,224.24 business use was calculated at 45.8227% and I can actually move the CCA amount UP but eventually when testing to see how hi I can go it says "Your CCA claim cannot be greater than $6,990.25. The CCA deduction for your asset is limited to 30.00% of your UCC opening balance." IS this actually correct? I coulda sworn I read somewhere that it is only 15% allowed for first year? and it will only allow $30,000 max, meaning my $50,224.24 is making the turbo tax software make errors in my return? My return is bigger if I can actually claim 30% so I really need to know if the turbo tax software is correct or making errors?