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I have TurboTax CD Standard version for 2019. I have done all the updates daily since I purchased the software in January. When I enter a T4-RSP on the input screens, different numbers show up in the T1. In the 1st instance I entered $5,455.56 from Box 22 but $13,527.56 gets posted to my T1. My wife enters $14,372.27 in her T1 input screen and $6,300.27 gets stated on her T1. In both instances the difference is exactly $8,072.00 and is distorting our refunds expected. I have been trying since last week to get through to the Canada TurboTax phone line and even waited two times for about 45 minutes each time only for the phone line to be dropped unexpectantly. You can reach me at [phone number removed] or by email at: [email address removed]


Thank you.