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import script error: Invalid procedure call or argument

Hello Everyone,


My upgrades are done for this year, so the programs are 2020 QuickBooks Pro, and 2019 TurboTax Business Incorporated.   All updates are performed as of writing this message.


When trying to import my QB data into TT, it opens the GIFI data import window,  Proper dates are chosen for start and end.  Hit continue, QB asks for permission to allow TT access, access is granted.  TT throws up an error window stating "import script error: Invalid procedure call or argument"


I have uninstalled and reinstalled TT.  I have also checked QB integrated applications page to verify this years TT settings were the same as last years TT settings.  Also tried removing the TT settings from this section, which only prompts the access popup again.


This is all with the same error at the end.


Has anyone else ran into this issue?  And is there a fix?