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File Seems to Have Disappeared (YourName.tt22)

Posting this problem and how I got it resolved in case it helps someone else.


Problem: Running the TurboTax Windows desktop (this 2022 tax year) application, I …


  • Finished filling out the return (but planned to complete the Netfile portion on another day)
  • Saved the return (which has a file like YourName.tt22)
  • Closed TurboTax
  • Tried to find the “.tt22” file in the Windows file explorer to back it up and it was missing – it seemed to just disappear. Yikes.

I confirmed that file was supposed to be in: “This PC\Documents\TurboTax\2022” as it was displayed as such in the Recent Files listing.

This is an alternate way of saying the folder is at: “C:\Users\YourUsername\Documents\TurboTax\2022”. I checked using the real path and no files appeared to be there.


However, I discovered the file did exist but was not visible to the user account I was logged into (a non-admin user). I suspect when TurboTax created the file the wrong permissions were applied, and the current user was not permitted to see it even exists.


Solution: How I found and copied the file to make it accessible:


In Windows search (type: cmd) - the “Command Prompt” app search result will appear—right click on it and choose Run as Administrator (you will probably immediately have to type in the Administrator password for your computer).


Now in the Command Prompt app (has black background).
cd c:\
(and hit enter key)


The prompt should now be:


dir /s *.tt22
(and hit enter key – it may take a minute or two to search)


If the file really exists (this is only checking if it exists on your C:\ drive, mind you) then it will show something like:


Directory of c:\Users\YourUsername\Documents\TurboTax\2022


2023-03-24 10:27    PM 147,385    YourName.tt22
1 File(s)



We’ll now copy this file to another folder (which seems to resolve the permissions issue) like this:


copy "c:\Users\YourUsername\Documents\TurboTax\2022\YourName.tt22" "c:\Users\Public"

(and hit enter key)


Now you should see it with Windows file explorer at: c:\Users\Public\YourName.tt22 and be able to open it in the TurboTax application.




4 Replies

File Seems to Have Disappeared (YourName.tt22)

Thanks for your info on this. The exact same thing happened to me and I have spent hours trying to sort it out.  the program confirms that it is being save at all the necessary steps. But where? Not in my many years of using the same Turbo Tax folder filed by respective years. This is a horrid deficiency that Intuit must correct as the CRA filing deadine is approaching.

File Seems to Have Disappeared (YourName.tt22)

Thank you for your feedback, we value your opinion and has been shared this information with the proper TurboTax team.

Thank you for choosing TurboTax.

File Seems to Have Disappeared (YourName.tt22)

I am beyond angry.  Turbo tax seems to have stolen all my files since 2017.  Even from OneDrive.  Apparently if you sign up again, you can get them .  I don't understand why or how.  What if I don't want turbotax anymore, (which now I don't} I can't look up anyones previous file???

File Seems to Have Disappeared (YourName.tt22)


Are you using TurboTax CD/Download or TurboTax Online?