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How to populate the line 25600 in Turbo tax?

Since October of 2019 I have been employed by the United Nations and I am entering salary for the last two months of 2019 as my foreign income. I am using the Foreign Slip - Income from outside of Canada, adding Foreign employment income and noting the country as "Global".

I know this is not taxed in Canada and should be included in line 25600 (refer to the guide). However I cannot find any form or place where I can do this claim?


The link keeps breaking after I click "Post" so I just copied and pasted what the guide says below:


Line 25600 - Employees of prescribed international organizations

Note: Line 25600 was line 256 before tax year 2019.

If in 2019 you were employed by a prescribed international organization, such as the United Nations, you can claim a deduction for the net employment income you report from that organization. Net employment income is your employment income minus the related employment expenses you are claiming. If you do not know if your employer is a prescribed international organization, contact your employer.

Completing your tax return

Claim on line 25600 your net employment income from prescribed international organizations that you included in your income.

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How to populate the line 25600 in Turbo tax?

To enter an amount in line 25600 in TurboTax Online, click “Find” (magnifying glass) in the top right and search for “other”. Select “Other Deductions” from the list and click on the “Go” button. Click the “Continue” button, until you get to the “Additional Deductions” page. You can enter your United Nations income in the box “Employment with a prescribed international organization”.

Returning Member

How to populate the line 25600 in Turbo tax?

Thanks Susan


When I click "Continue" on the the Other Deductions page, it just throws me to the Summary of deductions and the next "Continue" leads me to the Provincial section of the return. I tried several times but it returns the same result. 

Then I tried manually every item under Other deduction in the menu on the left (instead of clicking "Continue"), but none of them seems to contain "Additional Deductions" where I can enter the designated international organization's income.






How to populate the line 25600 in Turbo tax?

"Deductions" – "Other deductions" – "Miscellaneous Deductions" – hit "continue" and you will get to "Additional Deductions" -  See screenshot below:


Footnote: We at TurboTax want to encourage you and your close family to take all necessary precautions to ensure your safety. Please review the articles provided below for more information during these difficult times: 

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How to populate the line 25600 in Turbo tax?

Hi CanadaMKH

I use the desktop version of turbotax and not the online version so I am not sure how the online version works. But I can tell you that you do not want to end up calculating a Foreign Tax Credit. Do not enter UN income as a foreign slip if it ends up taking you down the Foreign Tax Credit rabbit hole which is not correct for UN income. The FTC is only for countries with which Canada has a tax treaty. Instead, your gross pay including danger pay, hazard pay, etc, net of Staff Allowance, should be reported as 'Other foreign employment income' so that it rolls up on line 104 or 'other income' on line 130. Then you take the offsetting deduction on line 256. This is simple to do in the forms method in the desktop version. sorry I cannot tell you how to enter it in the on-line version. I have provided detailed instructions in another thread on how to do it using the desktop version and where the numbers should appear on your T1 form.