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New Member

Bought turbotax how do I activate it?

where is the activation screen.  I bought the turbo tax and can not open, it wants to charge me again.


Bought turbotax how do I activate it?

First, please make sure that you have purchased the right product. The codes for TurboTax Online will not work with TurboTax CD/Download & vice-versa.


Second, if you bought TurboTax at a retailer (Costco, Walmart, Staples, etc…), please make sure that you are using the code that came in the package. It may be on a slip of paper or on a scratch-off card. It is not on the outside of the box or on your receipt.


If you have bought TurboTax Online, please go to to use your code before you start your returns. You can see this TurboTax FAQ for step-by-step instructions: In TurboTax Online, how do I use a prepayment code?


If you have bought TurboTax CD/Download, you will be asked for the licence code when you install the software. Please see this TurboTax FAQ for more information on the licence code: Where is my TurboTax licence code? You can download the current version of TurboTax CD/download edition here:  Choose the 2021 TurboTax edition you need (for Windows). You can download older versions of TurboTax CD/download edition here: Where can I download the CD/download edition of TurboTax?


If you are still not able to resolve your code issue, please contact our phone support team at 1-888-829-8608

New Member

Bought turbotax how do I activate it?

I need help activating my Turbotax Home and Business 2021, Could you help me.


Bought turbotax how do I activate it?

If you purchased TurboTax Home & Business you will need to download your software by clicking on this TurboTax Installation. Then click on Home & Business to download and once downloaded it will ask for your license code once it has been entered and it will be accepted and you will be ready to complete your returns.


Thank you for choosing TurboTax

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