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Should i purcahse turbotax premier again?

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Should i purcahse turbotax premier again?

To decide which TurboTax edition you should purchase, you may be interest first to see what the specification for each edition are. TurboTax products are designed to cover from a simple tax return to one that has many variables. Please find below the description for the standard and premier editions to decide which ones best fit your case:

  • Standard: This is geared toward, families or individual returns.
  • Premier: If you have investments, or rental properties, this edition will guide you through all those extra deductions you can claim and credits you may be eligible to receive

Premier and Standard editions also provide different types of guidance. By using TurboTax premier edition, you will be able to have more help as you go through your tax report while TurboTax Standard is a little closer to the CRA form link. The premier edition also offers a great process division to report investments and rental property income in a friendly and accurate way.


If you still need assistance with TurboTax please contact our phone support team for further assistance or contact us directly on Facebook or Twitter.


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