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Returning Member

Crash when importing my wife's Revenu Québec (RQ) data

It crashes every time. I believe it happens on 2018 as well.

As a programmer, it's shameful software quality. Please fix it!


It happened right after I click "Continue":


Extra crash info(programmer only!):


Message=Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at CImportHubMrqVersionClient.GetData(CImportHubMrqVersionClient* , CImportHubResult* )
at CInterviewWnd.ImportFromService(CInterviewWnd* , CImportHubResult* , IImportHub* importHubClient)
at CInterviewWnd.HandleCRARQImportRequest(CInterviewWnd* , ImportType import_type)
at CInterviewWnd.OnInterviewScriptExec(CInterviewWnd* , SByte* pScript)
at CInterviewWnd.ImplOnInterviewScriptExec(SByte* pScript, Int32 userData)
at CWebBrowserWnd.OnExecuteScript(CWebBrowserWnd* , UInt32 wparam, Int32 lparam)
at DispatchMessageA(tagMSG* )
at TaxMain(HINSTANCE__* hInstance, Int32 nCmdShow)
at CTaxApp.Run(CTaxApp* )
at _WinMainCRTStartup()





Fix it please, Thank you.

1 Reply

Crash when importing my wife's Revenu Québec (RQ) data

Thank you for the detailed information. There a few things you will need to try:

  1. Open the previous year's tax return to ensure it is not an issue with the file itself.
  2. Uninstall and reinstall using this link.
  3. If the issue persists, please contact our technical support team as they have the option to view your screen to determine where the issue may be. If the agent is unable to assist, please ask to have the issue "escalated" to a higher level and ask for the Case# to follow up.