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New Member

Does anyone know how to remove the Canada caregiver amount (Line 30425)?

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Level 3

Does anyone know how to remove the Canada caregiver amount (Line 30425)?

Thank you for your question.


To remove the Canada caregiver amount, please complete the following steps:


1) Open your TurboTax return

2) Click the find button at the top of the page; once there type in Caregiver Tax Credit in the search box and click go

3) Click enter credit info beside every dependent you have listed

4) Uncheck the box besides Canada Caregiver Amount;  you have now removed the Canada caregiver amount


If you have any questions, please contact us.

New Member

Does anyone know how to remove the Canada caregiver amount (Line 30425)?

I have attempted to use these instructions to remove the Caregiver amount, but the amount still has a non-zero value on the Dependants credit summary page. 

I was skeptical that simply unchecking the Caregiver amount box as indicated in step 4 would work because the screen clearly states that Clearing the checkbox would not remove any information already entered. To do that, I'm to use the EasyStep Navigator "to go the the interview step where you entered the information, and delete it there."


Well, the only place I can find to enter this information is the "Canada Caregiver Amount" page that eventually appears if I actually check the Caregiver amount box and click continue. However, there are only 3 pieces of data to enter on that screen: two Yes/No questions, and a option to indicate whether myself or my spouse are making the claim. I have set the first two answers to No, which I would think would be a pretty strong indicator that I do not wish to claim the credit. There's no option to unselect both parents from the third question. Despite all this, a non-zero amount persists on the summary.

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