How do I apply a capital loss carryback?

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How do I apply a capital loss carryback?

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How do I apply a capital loss carryback?

To carry back a capital loss, fill out section II on form T1A, Request for Loss Carryback. You do not have to file an amended return for the year to which you want the loss applied. The losses reported on form T1A lower your taxable income, resulting in either a refund or a reduction of your back taxes owed. View more here.

New Member

How do I apply a capital loss carryback?

Sorry, what I meant was how do I use the software to apply a capital loss carryback?

The system asked me if I wanted to apply capital losses to prior years and I filled out a schedule with an amount for each of the previous 3 years where I had capital gains, however it was not clear to me if this was filed by the system when I netfiled my return.


I find the software pretty good for simple generic returns, but as soon as you go a little outside the box (like trying to apply capital loss carry backs) it becomes a lot less clear as to what I need to do.


Tried to upgrade my purchase to get a reviewer to look at it, but once I upgraded, the system said that the reviewer feature was not available (fortunately, I called in to complain about the bait and switch upgrade offer and they refunded the difference, but still....)