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In the online edition of TurboTax, how do I quickly jump to different sections of my tax return?

The quickest way to jump to different sections of your tax return is to use the  tool (  if you are viewing on a smartphone or tablet). It's located in the upper-right corner of the page in TurboTax online.


  • The Find tool becomes visible on the first page you see when you log in to TurboTax. You need to be inside a tax return.
  • If you start a new tax return, the tool is visible only after you complete at least the Intro (personal information) and the Profile steps.

When you select Find, a dialog appears and displays a list of steps within your tax return that you can jump to. Type a keyword in the box (such as RRSP, T4, donation) to view steps that match the keyword. From the list, select the step you want to go to, then select Go. Alternatively, you can scroll through the entire list to find the step you want to go to.

Let’s say you want to jump to the section related to dependants. Below are the steps to jump to the dependant’s section in your tax return:

1. In the upper right corner of TurboTax online, select  (if viewing on a mobile device, select  )

The Find dialog appears:

2. On the Find dialog, type ‘dependant’ in the box
The dialog displays a list of items, one of which is Dependants:

3. Select Dependants from the list, then select Go. TurboTax online takes you to the section in your tax return that is related to dependants

If you are using TurboTax for tax year 2016 and the Find tool is not visible on the page you’re on, move through the pages until you get to a page that has the tool visible.

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