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What do I type to find a slip or credit in the online edition of TurboTax?

  1. Look in the left-hand column of the table below for the tax slip/credit/item you want to find.
  2. Copy the corresponding text from the right-hand column and paste it into the Find window in the upper-right area of TurboTax.
  3. In TurboTax, select the item from the list of search results and select Go.

If the item you’re looking for isn’t listed below, contact TurboTax Support.

What you’re looking for What to type in the Find window
Business expenses (T2125), Self-employment expenses/deductions (for example, utility bills, Internet) Self-employment,
Business or Professional Activities
Canada Caregiver Amount Caregiver Tax Credit
Canada Pension Plan T4A(P) Canada Pension Plan Benefits
Capital gains and losses Capital Gains and Capital Gains Deduction Profile
Carrying forward unused tuition and education amounts Tuition Fees Carryforward
Charitable donations and tax receipts (includes gifts) Donations Profile
Child care expenses Child Care Expenses
Disability Amount Disability Amount
Disability Support Deductions Disability Support Deductions
Disability Amount Transfer Disability Amount Transfer
Dues you paid to be a member of a union or professional association Union or Professional Dues
Employment expenses Employment Expenses
Farming income (T2042) Farming Activities
Federal foreign tax credits (T2209) Foreign Tax Credit
First-time home buyers’ amount First Time Home Buyers’ Amount
Fishing income (T2121) Fishing Activities
Foreign income Foreign Income
Home Accessibility Tax Credit Home Accessibility Tax Credit
Home Buyers Plan (HBP, repayment or withdrawals) Home Buyers Plan
Income from sources not on a T-slip
(for example, tips or gratuities)
Income not reported on a T-slip
Investments income T5 Investment Income
Lifelong Learning Plan (LLP, repayment or withdrawals) Lifelong Learning Plan
Limited partnership losses Losses, Partnership Income Reported on a T5013,
Partnership Income Not Reported on a T5013
Medical expenses (for example, prescription drugs, dental work) Medical Expenses Profile
Moving expenses Moving Expenses
Net capital loss carryforward Net Capital Loss Carryforward
Non-capital loss carryforward Non-Capital Loss Carryforward
Northern residents deduction Northern Residents Deduction
Old age security T4A(OAS) Old Age Security
Pension, retirement, annuity or other income (for example, scholarship) T4A Pension, Retirement, Annuity
Pension splitting Split your pension with your spouse
Public transit *Not applicable for tax year 2018 Public Transit
Rental income Rental properties
RRSP contributions and deductions RRSPs
RRSP income T4RSP Income from an RRSP
Sale of your main residence Principal Residences
Scholarship income Scholarship (T4A)
Split your pension income with your spouse (T1032) Split your pension with your spouse
Spousal RRIF income Spousal RRIF Income
Spousal RRSP/SPP income Spousal RRSP Income
Spousal support income Spousal and Child Support Payments
Student loan interest Students
T3 T3 Mutual Fund/Trust Income Allocations and Designations
T4 T4 Employment Income
T4A (pension, retirement, annuity, scholarship and other income) T4A Pension, Retirement, Annuity
T4A(OAS) T4A(OAS) Old Age Security
T4A(P) (pension plan benefits) T4A(P) Canada Pension Plan benefits
T4E T4E Employment Insurance Benefits
T4RIF T4RIF Income from a Registered Retirement Income Fund
T4RSP T4RSP Income from an RRSP
T5 T5 Investment Income
T2038 Investment Tax Credit
T5008 T5008 Securities Transactions
T5013 Partnership Income Reported on a T5013,
Partnership Income Not Reported on a T5013
Transferring tuition from a child/dependent Tuition Amount Transfer
Tuition fees T2202A
Working Income Tax Benefit Working Income Tax Benefit




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