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Printing Using F10 Function Key

When I press the F10 function key to print a form (e.g. DSUM) nothing happens.  I have to go to File > Print > Print Form F10 and then select the form I want to print.  How do I correct this issue?

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Printing Using F10 Function Key

Are you using a laptop or a keyboard where the F-keys have other function attached to them? If that is the case, your F10 key might be doing something that TurboTax doesn’t understand, instead of acting like an F10 key press. Look on the keyboard for an FN or F Lock key – that button switches the F-Keys between whatever function they are currently programmed to do and “old fashioned” F-Keys.


This third party website has some more info on Function Keys:


If this doesn’t resolve your problem or you need further assistance, please contact us by phone for more help.


To talk to our phone support team, visit . After entering some basic info about what you need help with, the page will give you the correct phone number to call.

Level 1

Printing Using F10 Function Key

Using a Dell Inspiron laptop.  Pressing the Fn key and then the F10 key cleared the problem.  Also noticed that there is a Fn Lock key on the keyboard.  I pressed that one as well and things continued to work so it looks like the problem is resolved.

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