Retrieve returns to print

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New Member

Retrieve returns to print

I saved Fed and State Returns to print later and mail. Tried to retrieve but got the following message: This Site Can Not Be Reached, unified s server IP address could not be found. Try running Windows Diagnostics Reload. I'm not computer literate and need someone to call me at [phone number removed] so that I'll know what to do to avoid paying a service to file again.


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Retrieve returns to print

This is the support site for the Canadian TurboTax. For assistance with U.S. versions of TurboTax, please visit:

Expert Alumni

Retrieve returns to print

When you access your account, here's how to print:

  1. Open or continue your return.
  2. Select Tax Tools in the left menu (if you don't see this, select the menu icon in the upper-left corner).
  3. With the Tax Tools menu open, you can then:
  • Select Print Center and then Print, Save, or Preview This Year's Return to preview your entire return, including all forms and worksheets (you may be asked to register or pay first).
  • View only your 1040 form by selecting Tools. Next, select View Tax Summary in the pop-up, then Preview my 1040 in the left menu.


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New Member

Retrieve returns to print

Yesterday, late afternoon, April 1, 2021, I used the Intuit - Turbo Tax for my taxation duties.

Now, I am an old guy (74 years of age in June )with several chronic diseases and briefly, have hepatic encephalopathy & get confused on and off on any given day.


My ONLY sources of income are OAS & CPP, totalling a bit less than $20,000.00 and according to Canadian guidelines of annual earnings of $22,000.00, my income is somewhat below "Poverty Level".

Even if I was to receive earnings at the "Poverty Level" (Canada) is ridiculously embarassing, but the extra $2,500 per year would be huge at this point.


Needless to say, she indicate that my medical expenses would be redundant, as 3% of $0.00 is still Nothing.

Looking back to Paragraphs two (2) and three (3), the information was relaid to the girl (don't recall her name) that assisted me at my request. However, she gave me NO indication that this was going to cost me anything, not until I was to send my taxes in online.


I believe that, after my short intruction in the two (2) paragraphs previously mentioned, I was taken advantage of with an inflated fee with no refund, for a simple return, knowing full well my indication and verbal statements to her indicating my below "Poverty Level"earnings only from OAS and CPP.


I used to use UFile & should have stayed with them, as the maximum fee would have been under $25.00. Hence, I'd be willing to pay Nothing (according to their guidelines) only, as UFile would have charged me nothing for this simple endeavour.


On further review of their website, I was not told that a "TurboTax Free Guarantee" could be used, as a Simple Return, as mine obviously is, there should be NO FEE, indicated at[phone number removed...
payable to me for $89.59 plus any expenses incurred before a Refund has taken place.


When I asked the rep where I could print or save a PDF of my return, she changed the subject, and with my current hepatic encephalopathy & confusion, my query went unanswered.

Failing a correction to my fee, I'll make this a court issue.