I am under review, how much problems do i have?

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I am under review, how much problems do i have?

I am being asked to provide a logbook for my driving expenses. I use a company issued gas card which is then added to my t4 for whatever amount i use. My payslips all show this usage. Now the CRA said they would normally still require receipts but i neger thought to keep any of my gas receipts. Now i also claimed my mom’s vehicle for husiness use, with fuel being the only expense, but CRA will not accept it unless i can provide them receipts. My company is providing a breakdown of all my gas charges which includes my odometer readings per vehicle which is stated on my logbook. However, i naturally deducted her personal use of the vehicle, do i have to consider her use as part of my business calculation? Also, this year, i use my fiancé’s car for work, and the insurance and maintenance comes out of my bank account, but the insurance and fincijg is in hr name. I also havent kept any receipts for gas this year, so whats my next steps?

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I am under review, how much problems do i have?

The Canada Revenue Agency- is the government which have the last say- in other words- If they are asking you to provide gas receipts and you never kept any- Then you need to advise them. When claiming any type of business expenses you MUST keep all receipts incase CRA ever asks for them- This is proof that you used this amount and they can then verify. You will need to contact them directly so that they can advise you further.