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New Member

Modify RRSP Info On Last Years Return

  I know this isn't a TurboTax specific question but it does involve it.  Lat year I filed my taxes and all went well as usual using TurboTax. I live in Quebec and contribute to the FTQ which is a LSVCC and an RRSP.

 They sent me a slip that was in addition to my first 60 days for the year as they miscalculated. I completely forgot about it and was was hoping to add them to this years return. 

 If I understand correctly I have to go back to last years return and ask for a correction.  I see on the CRA website that I can request it. Im not sure about Rev Quebec but am guessing that its similar. 

 What lines would I need to change so that I could carry it forward to this years return?

Thanks guys for the help. 

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New Member

Modify RRSP Info On Last Years Return

I can't help you with Quebec-specific information, but I do know that the easiest way to amend a previous year's tax return is through the CRA "My Account" feature. Setting up this account for the first time is a bit of a pain, as they insist on (snail) mailing you a confirmation code, rather than through email. Once your account is set up, it's fairly simple to go in and make updates. I only did this once a few years ago, so I can't remember the exact details.