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Won't let me split my pension with my wife

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Won't let me split my pension with my wife

Your ability to split your pension income with your spouse is determined by several key factors, such as province of residence (Québec or otherwise), age, income, and claimed credits and deductions. To optimize your pension-income split, be sure you’ve entered all of this information into TurboTax before beginning.

Note: When preparing a coupled return together with your spouse or partner, access to your T1032 form isn't required. TurboTax will automatically take figures from this form to populate splitting income.

You can split your pension by following these steps:

1. Select Find (or the magnifying glass icon)

2.Enter pension into the search bar, select Pension split with your spouse from the list of results, and then select Go.

3.  Select whose pension you'd like to split (make sure you've entered income information for both you and your spouse). 

4. Fill out all required information (if filing separately, you'll need your T1032 form), then select Continue.


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