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Returning Member

All i asked for was a partial refund as i only have access vis app and i get constant errors and i just want to sign my form to file yeesh

i spent 3 hours trying to find a contact email as i am on a mobile device disabled and waited 3 weeks for the service to be completed i paid 145 for live service which really isnt live at all just brief responses after a week or 2. now i get errors all over the place in the app trying to access my forms i called last week they told me theyd call back never did. the taxes were done they told me to sign in the chat. i couldnt because of another bug page showing a sad face and that id be contacted, never was. sent a message saying i cant access it they tell me to download it i cant because it doesnt let me all i can do is look at it. i ask them to email me they said they will eventually, i try to find a support email there is none as i wanted a partial credit for the service, the canadian app sends me to a usa number which i found out after speaking to the guy for an hour who said i wasnt in the system. so i call the 1800 number he emailed me and repeat the same story all for a discount/partial refund on 145$ . and for the trouble this has caused. then she tells me i have to fill out a refund form and wait 72 hours. i the form is for a full refund on the service and to cancel my service which is not at all what i am asking for i had less than 2 weeks to get my taxes filed by you guys and all i want to do is sign the form...like why did i have to pay 145$ for the bugs and trouble its like pulling teeth and i need it to work properly at this point i have wasted more hours than a partial refund is even worth. please just fix the errors and send me the file to my email so i can use my tablet to sign it and be done .also how does a company in 2021 not have  support email. 


and no i dont have facebook or twitter contact me normally so i can sign and file before its too late. i submitted this weeks ago. please.


edit: Just to be clear this is nothing against the specialists who helped do my taxes themselves they are good, though brief. its  just more the trouble and issues i had with the service contact, tech issues and app, i have been trying to sign the form for a couple days now it wont allow me. its not even about the money at this point but you guys could do a better job of making things easier for those of us who need to contact technical or billing support. i do plan to use the services next year because of what is offered and not having to deal with the tax part myself as previous years i just efiled myself. So value wise, easier access to contact tech support for the app, as my computer is broken and way for repairs, and less the errors this would be totally worth the money paid. Also the phone agents were really nice so theres that but it seems they have limited access to assist with billing stuff. in all this is better than H and R block even with the problems I had.


hopefully my specialist will email me soon as they promised so i can sign it and get this done before the end of april. in any case thanks.