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New Member

BUG when trying to enter 0 km for vehicle usage

Under the section INCOME > SELF EMPLOYMENT > BUSINESS ACTIVITIES then clicking EDIT then going to VEHICLE EXPENSES, I have the following problem/bug:

I have a vehicle from previous years with CCA claim. For 2017 the vehicle was sold and I can correctly enter the Proceeds of this sale to offset the UCC for the year.

The issue is that I did not use the vehicle at all during 2017 but TurboTax will not let me enter a value of 0 for the number of kilometers driven to earn income. Since I need to enter the proceeds of sale value as I got rid of the vehicle, I should also be able to enter 0 for kilometeres used.

See attached pic.

1 Reply

BUG when trying to enter 0 km for vehicle usage

It’s not really a bug. You can only claim vehicle expenses on a car which you used for business purposes. If you didn't use the car at all, or if you only used the car for personal use, you can't claim vehicle expenses as a business expense. So those km boxes can't be left blank.

In your case, you also a have a disposition to add to the bottom part of the form. But because you didn’t use the car you can’t save the form because the top part of the form can’t have zeros. So my suggestion would be to just put 1 km total driven and 1 km drive to earn income. That should allow you to save and continue to the next page, and it’s a small enough value that the CRA probably won’t have an issue with. 

And on the next page, don’t take CCA. The CRA may question why you are taking CCA on a car that you did not use for business purposes.