Capital Cost Allowance - Motor Vehicle

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New Member

Capital Cost Allowance - Motor Vehicle


i am having a hard time completing the business tax. Using example numbers below:
i bought a vehicle under class 10.1 for 35000. When I am selecting class 10.1 in cca details, it ask me to enter acquire date and acquisition cost and then automatically enter 30000 in ‘cost of acquisition’. First question here, where do I put the HST that I paid on it ( I realize that limit of hst is on 30000 which will be 3900, where to add).

Second most important question, i understand that 10.1 maximum cost is 30000 but since I paid 35000, it is showing a 5000 difference in my balance sheet. Software is not helping me how to fix that. 
as an example, if my corp makes 100k, spend 35k on car then it is left with 65k cash. A car that is 30k and minus the depreciated cost for that year. I am confused how to fix that 5k problem which as a business My corp spend. I understand that tax will be in 100k - cca of 30k but real problem is my balance sheet is not coming equal to equity + liability.