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Climate Action Incentive - How to Claim only 2 of 4 Kids?

Hi.  We have shared custody of 4 kids.  Both of us list all 4 kids as dependents on our taxes (so that things like Canada Child Benefit is calculated correctly for each of us).  Due to this, box 60103 is automatically populated with "3" (i.e. 3 other kids in addition to the main 1 being claimed for a total of 4).  However, we are each meant to claim 2 different kids for this credit (so, box 60103 should have "1" input into it).  I cannot find a way to validly change this in TurboTax.  If I double click on this box a pop-up comes up and there is another box called "Qualified dependant for Climate Action."  By default, they all say "Yes."  The only way to change it to "No" is to double click that box and change one of the questions in the list to "No" but all of the answers are actually "Yes" so it doesn't make sense to do so (e.g. I can't answer that my kid wasn't a resident of Canada, etc. as she was).  As mentioned, we each need to keep all 4 kids a dependents overall.  Note:  last year, we were not aware the TurboTax software did this so we both wound up claiming all 4 kids for the CAI, CRA noticed it and so, we had to subsequently manually refile our taxes to each claim just 2 kids for the credit.  

How can one change it so that not all kids are claimed by both parents for the Climate Action Incentive?  

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Returning Member

Climate Action Incentive - How to Claim only 2 of 4 Kids?

Note that my ex spouse used the online version and could select/deselect which kids she was claiming this CAI for or not.  I cannot seem to do this in the downloaded version (it automatically chooses to claim the credit for all kids....which will result in an overclaim since as explained, we are each meant to claim 2 of the 4 kids).