Date of death on page 1 of return - where is this ...

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Date of death on page 1 of return - where is this entered in Turbotax?

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Date of death on page 1 of return - where is this entered in Turbotax?

We’re sorry for your loss and understand that preparing a final tax return for a spouse/partner, family member or friend who has passed away can be difficult. TurboTax will guide you step-by-step, just as it would if you were preparing your own tax return.  Once you start this year's tax return, you will be shown any past returns that can be transferred over.  From there TurboTax will ask if anything has changed and this is where you will be able to identify that this person is deceased.


TurboTax supports the preparation of T1 returns for people who have passed away. It does not support T3 Trust Income Tax returns.

Before you begin:

  • Returns for the deceased cannot be prepared in TurboTax at the same time as that of their spouse/partner. Returns for the deceased must be prepared and filed separately.
  • Returns for the deceased are ineligible for CRA’s NETFILE service and Revenu Québec’s NetFile Québec service. The return(s) must be printed and mailed.
  • If the deceased has interest income that was shared with someone else (ex. A spouse/partner), the deceased’s portion must be manually prorated before being entered in TurboTax.
  • If the deceased received GST/HST credit payments after their date of death, this payment must be returned to the CRA.
  • If the deceased received a CPP or QPP death benefit amount, this amount must be reported on a T3 Trust Income return, not a T1 personal return.

In addition, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the CRA guide below before you begin:

If the deceased was a resident of Québec, you should also see: