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Returning Member


Hi All,


My spouse become resident in 2019 and I submitted my and spouse income tax return this year. I got a letter from CRA stating 

:We cannot calculate the amount of the GST/HSTC you may be entitled to receive
for July 2020 to April 2021 without the following information:
- your spouse's or common-law partner's world income, converted to Canadian
dollars, for the period in 2019 before he or she came to Canada"


I know I need to fill form rc151 for GST/HST Credit Application for Individuals Who Become Residents of Canada but confused about my part in form (as I did fill the form when I came in 2017)

Do I have to fill the Part 3 - New comet to Canada date? as I am not a new comer/returning resident


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CRA is asking that you send them - your spouse's world income, converted to Canadian dollars, for the period in 2019 before he or she came to Canada".


TurboTax will ask if you lived together and which date that your spouse entered Canada- therefore before she/he entered Canada for the 2019 year if they had any income it must be entered on their tax return.

Returning Member


Yes we are living togather. and spouse entered in June. I already filed the tax return. should I amend it? how to go forward? Isnt 151 the right form? as When I came to canada I was asked the same question and I submitted the form.



Yes, and you should have entered her date of entering Canada. You can amend your return.