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Medical Expenses - Non-refundable exceeds tax payable


Hi there. I got the 'tax saving opportunity' message while doing my taxes. It's telling me "Your non-refundable credits exceed your tax payable. You can carry all or a portion of your medical expenses forward to next year". My taxable income was around $17200. I am claiming $2676 in prescription expenses. I was told to reduce that amount to $1638, apparently that's my maximum. I also tried using the line 33200 amount 'allowable amount of medical expenses' Which is $2157.


When I claim $1638 my return is $2900 ish. When I claim $2157 my return $3050 ish. When I claim $2676 my return is $3100 ish.


If there is a maximum amount I'm allowed to claim, why does my return increase when I claim over that maximum amount?