Net File / Print cannot be done, Tax year 2020 CD ...

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Dale F
Returning Member

Net File / Print cannot be done, Tax year 2020 CD Version.

Please disregard previous post of NET. This post is correct one.


When I click "Start" on the NETFILE screen there are 2 options to select.

  1. I want to submit return to CRA's NETFILE service.
  2. I want to print and mail return.

When I bring the courser to 1, a red circle shows up so I cannot click or clicking it doesn't do anything. Then I click 2 to print, the series of information displays and finally I click print then a message pops up as follows;


[ At the time of manufacturing this product, the government had not finalized all of its forms.


You will require a final version of your form(s) prior to submitting return(s)


You can obtain the final version as they become available by selecting check for Updates from the Help menu, anytime after beginning of Jan, 2021 ]


Therefore either way I cannot NETFILE or Mail the return.


I checked the update many times but it said my turbo tax is up to date. I searched many area to find out what is the wrong and I reached as follows;


I went through an individual form (I have total 21 forms) to check if I can print but there is only one that I cannot print. A form T657 Calculation of Capital Gains Deduction. When I click this form to print, a message shown above pops up. I reviewed 2019 form and 2020 form, it was updated to 2020 so I would think it's correct form. Also I have not enter any values since 2007 because I have not used so this is only for the carry over purpose from previous year. The 2019 form was same values shown on the 2020 form except the 2020 information (values) which were updated. I used NETFILE past 2 years and there were no problem.


I believe this from T657 is something to do with this problem. Please advise what to do.

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Net File / Print cannot be done, Tax year 2020 CD Version.

Unfortunately, there are some forms that are still being worked on, including the T657 in TurboTax CD/download. We hope to have these forms ready by mid-march or sooner. This FAQ has a list of which forms are currently still being finalized:

Returning Member

Net File / Print cannot be done, Tax year 2020 CD Version.

This message is awful for the user.  It's so busy using sneaky wording to make it sound like a government issue that it doesn't do a proper job of explaining what the problem is and what to do about it.  In fact it gives an inaccurate solution (run an update after Jan. 2021).


If you're giving an error due to specific forms being locked, why can't you tell me which form is locked and offer to notify me when it's finalized?  Am I supposed to log in and try to print my return every day?  Both of these are rhetorical questions.  I don't expect an answer.


I don't understand how you can sell the Home and Business edition with T1139 locked.  I'm pretty sure I have the simplest self employment income on the planet, so, if it doesn't work for me, I don't see how it works for anyone.


When will these forms be finalized / unlocked?

Returning Member

Net File / Print cannot be done, Tax year 2020 CD Version.

It's actually T657 for me too.  I checked my 2019 return and it's looks similar to 2020.  I'm the same as the OP.  I haven't used that form recently, so it's only for carry over.


Thanks for posting this @Dale F.  At least I know it's not just me.