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Questions about CWB and schedule 6

I got some questions for CWB and schedule 6, can you help?

1. I am a full-time student in 2020 and not eligible for CWB, but TurboTax seemed automatically add CWB, and have a warning showing me a warning that I'm not eligible and need to fix it. 

2. After I "fixed" it from the warning, the Schedule 6 still attached in the forms. In the schedule 6, it's checked that I'm not eligible.

3. I tried other tax software and schedule 6 will not be attached.



1. Since I entered my full-time student status in T2202, why TurboTax originally add CWB to my return and found it as a warning?

2. After I fixed it from the warning, why schedule 6 is still attached? I should not need to file schedule 6 to CRA.

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Questions about CWB and schedule 6

We will need more information please contact our phone support team for assistance. 


Working families and individuals earning a low income can benefit from the Canada workers benefit (CWB), a refundable tax credit.


There are two components of the CWB: a basic amount and a disability supplement.

If you file your income tax return, you can claim the CWB.

Individuals and families who qualify for CWB can get up to half of the CWB in advance payments instead of waiting until tax season.


For more information about T2202 please click here

For more information about schedule 6 please click here


If you require further assistance, please contact our phone support team or contact us directly on Facebook or Twitter.

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