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New Member

releve 2

I am using the 2019 standard online version. I live in NB and received a T4A and a Releve 1 & 2. Where do I enter the Releve 1 & 2 information. There is no option to T4A/Releve1 and Releve 2 select when I search for T4A like help says to do.  If i change my province to QC then I see this option.

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Level 13

releve 2

Please review the link provided below to assist you with the entry of your T4A/RL1 and 2:

New Member

releve 2

I'm having the same issue- I read that link, but on my (online version) of Turbo Tax, there's just a T4A option, no Releve 2 (or 1 for that matter) option if your address as of Dec 31, 2019 was not Quebec. 

New Member

releve 2

I recently moved to BC (2019), have pension income from Quebec, my previous residence.  There is no releve 2 choice to check when entering the Tax slips that I have.  releve 2 is for pension income, releve 1 is for employment income

Intuit Alumni

releve 2

You can find your answer in this link:


I hope this was helpful 

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