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My name is Adrian Anand Hall and I’m tying to locate any and all tax information that may have been filed on my behalf in the past. I’ve just created this account, personally, but the contact info and address has remained the same for me as what would appear on my taxes for the last five years. Trouble is, CRA has no record of any taxes being filed between 2009-2019. My uncle has filed then on my behalf and swears by your service, and yet, CRA shows nothing. Please explain this.

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If you have successfully filed your returns in the past you would have received a NetFile confirmation number each time one was filed. Also, you would have received a Notice of Assessment by mail for each year to show you if you were getting a refund or if you owed, and if you qualified for any credits. This would have been sent to your home address which was listed on your income tax return. 


If your uncle has completed your returns please ask him to sign in to his account to look for your returns and be sure they were all successfully filed. He may also have a copy saved to his computer. 



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Thanks! I'll see what I can do on this end. I suppose it wouldn't be so easy to look this kind of thing up on your end with only a name and address to go on? What info would I need to find tax returns under my name? How can I prove that I am, well, me?



Unfortunately, there is nothing more we can do from our end. The only person who can assist you as of now would be the person who completed your returns for you. 

We would also recommend that you register for a CRA "My Account" just to see if there are any updates at all in there which might help you find what you are looking for.