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New Member

Help with Error 2287.

Help with Error 2287. This has to do with the split-pension amount (specifically Form T1032). The error is saying either of one of these 2 scenarios is happening:

1)that the amount on line 6802 is greater than line 115, line 129 minus line 5344, line 5508 and line 5511. For some reason, I can't find lines 5344, 5508 and 5511. But I'm pretty sure it's false anyway. 

2) The entry on line 210 is greater than the maximum split-pension amount (line D of Form T1032) or there are no corresponding entries made on any of the lines of Form T1032, Joint Election to Split Pension Income. Line D has to do with if there was a change in marital status in the year, which there wasn't, so that line is $0. So of course line 210 is a higher amount. 

I'm just confused at this point and any help is appreciated. I think there may be an error in Turbotax on this one...

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Help with Error 2287.

The easiest way to clear the error is to open the pension splitting optimizer. Only the proper amounts will be applied if you use a figure that's listed as an eligible split amount from the optimizer.

If you're using the Forms method, click the Tools option near the top of your screen and from the optimizer choices, pick the pension splitting optimizer.

If you're using the Easy Step method, use the Find button in the upper right to search/select Split Pension to open the optimizer.

New Member

Help with Error 2287.

That's exactly what I did and it still didn't work. I went ahead and closed Turbotax and then re-opened it, and that seemed to clear it.