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TurboTax FAQ
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Where do I claim my employment expenses?

If you incurred expenses to earn employment income (salaried or commission) for which you were not reimbursed, you enter your expenses in the in the employment expenses section of TurboTax.

Note:  In order to claim this deduction, you must have a signed T2200 from the employer that declares the conditions of your employment. You do not need to file the T2200 with your return, but you do need to keep a copy for your records.

Are you self-employed? If you incurred expenses to earn self-employment income, you enter your expenses in the Self-employment section of TurboTax, not in the employment expenses section.

To enter your employment expenses:

  1. Select Find in the upper-right hand corner.
  2. In the Find window, type Employment Expenses.
  3. Select Employment Expenses from the list and then select Go.
  4. On the Employment Expenses step, answer Yes.


* If you don’t see the Find button, you may not have completed the Setting Up/Introduction step of your return. Continue through the Setting Up/Introduction step until the Find button appears.



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