TurboTax FAQ
TurboTax FAQ
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How do I upgrade to a different TurboTax product if I installed from a CD or downloaded from the Internet?

Before you begin

Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet.


Instructions for upgrading TurboTax

1. Open TurboTax.

2. Select Help in the upper-left area of TurboTax, then select Upgrade.

The Getting More From TurboTax step appears.

3. Select Upgrade my version of TurboTax.

The Upgrading is easy with TurboTax step appears.

4. Select Switch Now next to the TurboTax product you want to upgrade to.

The Your Shopping Cart step appears.

5. Enter “1” in the Qty field next to the product you want to upgrade to.

6. Check that the country and province in the Calculate taxes section towards the bottom of the screen match where you live.

7. If the country or province isn't correct, select the correct answer from the drop-down list, then select Update Cart. If the country and province are correct, go to the next step in these instructions.

8. Select Checkout.

The Checkout: Customer Information step appears.

9. Fill out the form, then select Continue.

The Checkout: Payment Information step appears.

10. Fill out the form with your payment information, then select Continue.

The Checkout: Review Your Order step appears.

11. Review the information on screen and follow the instructions below that match your situation.

  • If the information is correct, select Place Order.
  • If the information isn’t correct, select Edit and correct the information. Select Continue until you return to this step, then select Place Order.

If your order is processed, the Checkout: Thank you for your purchase step appears.

Note: You may want to print the confirmation page for future reference.

A message appears instructing you to restart TurboTax.

12. Select OK.

13. Select x Close in the upper-right area of TurboTax.

14. Close TurboTax.

15. Open TurboTax.

A message appears with instructions on how to activate TurboTax.

16. Follow the on-screen instructions to activate TurboTax.

After successful activation, the upgraded TurboTax product appears.

To confirm the upgrade was successful, look at the top-left area of TurboTax, where it says the name of the TurboTax product you upgraded to.