TurboTax FAQ
TurboTax FAQ
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How do I upgrade to a different TurboTax product if I installed from a CD or downloaded from the Internet?

To upgrade your TurboTax, you need to choose a product that you want to upgrade to and pay for the upgrade.

Before you begin: Ensure that you are connected to the Internet.

Steps to upgrade TurboTax

  1. Open TurboTax.
  2. From the Help menu, choose Upgrade.
  3. A page appears inside TurboTax with the section titled Getting More From TurboTax.

  4. Under Getting More From TurboTax, choose Upgrade my version of TurboTax.
  5. A page appears containing a description of all the TurboTax products available for upgrade.

  6. After you decide which TurboTax product you want to upgrade to, choose the Switch Now button that appears next to your chosen product.
  7. A new window opens containing the Your Shopping Cart page.

  8. On the Your Shopping Cart page, in the Calculate taxes drop-down lists, check if the country and province selected by default are correct for your purposes. If not, do the following:
    1. From the drop-down lists, select your country and province.
    2. Choose Update Cart.

  9. Choose Checkout.
  10. The Checkout page appears.

  11. On the Checkout page, for the Customer Info and Payment Info stages of the checkout process, enter your information in the required fields and follow the instructions on the screen.
  12. On the Review Order stage of the checkout process, carefully review the information on the screen and if the displayed information is accurate, choose Place Order.
  13. After your order is processed, the confirmation page for your order, titled Thank you for your purchase, appears. Also, a TurboTax dialogue box appears which asks you to close and restart TurboTax for the upgrade to take effect.

  14. On the TurboTax dialogue box, choose OK.
  15. Print the confirmation page or save the information, especially the installation key, for future reference.
  16. Close the confirmation page and then close TurboTax.
  17. Reopen TurboTax and follow the instructions on the screen to activate TurboTax.
  18. After successful activation, the upgraded TurboTax product appears.

To confirm that the upgrade was successful, look at the title bar at the top-left corner of your TurboTax window. The title identifies the name of the TurboTax product to which you upgraded.