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What is the education amount?

For 2017 and later tax years, the federal education and textbook amounts have been eliminated. However, if you had unused federal tuition, education and textbook amounts from prior years, you can still carry them forward to your 2017 return.


The education amount was a tax credit based on the number of months you spent studying full-time or part-time in a qualifying educational program during the tax year.

The number of months you were a student was shown on the T2202 certificate, T2202A certificate or TL11 slip issued to you by your educational institution. Each month you were a student could only be counted once, even if you were enrolled in two programs that month.

The education amount was $400 per month for every full-time month you were enrolled and $120 per month for every part-time month.

If you were eligible for the education amount, you were also eligible for the textbook credit. This credit is $65 for each full-time month and $20 for each part-time month you were enrolled.

TurboTax claimed the education and textbook amount automatically when you enter the number of months you were in school.

See How do I claim my tuition fees? for how to enter your T2202A or TL11 in your return.


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