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TurboTax FAQ
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Why is my firewall blocking TurboTax files?

About firewalls and TurboTax

If you find that you are unable to use NETFILE, NetFile Québec, or you are receiving errors that say your system is unable to access a website or server, you may need to adjust your firewall settings.

If you are installing TurboTax, and a message appears asking for permission to continue, or there’s a message saying a program is attempting to access your system allow the process to proceed if the file is associated with TurboTax or the task you were performing.

To prevent your software from being blocked by a firewall or virus/spyware protector, make sure your security software is always up to date. If updating does not resolve the problem, you'll need to temporarily disable the security software to allow legitimate programs to install correctly.

For the most up-to-date instructions on how to update or disable your brand of security software, visit the manufacturer's support website (below) or refer to the documentation that came with your product.

Our assurance: TurboTax and all of its components are 100% safe and should be allowed to install on your system when prompted.

Firewall and virus/spyware protection programs protect your computer from potential harm. They constantly guard against malicious programs that try to access the Internet or install themselves on your computer.

Legitimate programs (such as TurboTax) may sometimes exhibit some of the same "bad" behavior associated with malicious programs. Your security software may prevent such legitimate programs from accessing the Internet, possibly even preventing them from being installed. Some firewall and Internet Security software has conflicted with TurboTax in the past, due to this behaviour.

If your firewall software blocks TurboTax's Internet access, you won't be able to:

  • Submit your tax return to Revenue Canada using NETFILE or Revenu Québec using Netfile Québec
  • Download .pdf files used for printing your return
  • Get the latest TurboTax program updates
  • Submit or save the .MRQ file for Québec provincial income tax filing
  • Print the TPF.1-U form required when mailing the Québec return

Most firewalls ask you for permission when an "unknown" program attempts to connect to the Internet. In many cases, this connection is decided during the TurboTax installation process. If you previously told your firewall to block TurboTax or a file it was attempting to run or install, your firewall will continue to do so until you add it to the list of "allowed" programs. With some firewalls, you need to add TurboTax ports and addresses to the firewall's list as well. View your firewall's Help for instructions on how to do this, or visit the support site for the Internet Security program you are using.