TurboTax FAQ
TurboTax FAQ

NetFile Quebec error: "The format of the file you transmitted does not meet the specifications of Revenu Québec"

For example:

You submitted a Business Statement with your return last year and are not submitting a Business Statement this year. You carried forward last year's return and information about your business is automatically brought forward, making the form active. However, it is blank because you have no Business Statement data. Revenu Québec is rejecting your return because you are submitting a Business Statment with no data on it.

Check whether you are using the following forms:

  • T2125
  • T2042
  • T2121
  • T1163
  • T1273
  • T777
  • TP-80

If you are not using them but they contain data, delete the data and close the forms.


Check the forms

  1. If you are using the EasyStep interview, switch to Forms view by pressing Ctrl+R
  2. Go to the View menu and choose Find Form.
  3. Check the Show Open Forms Only check box.
    The Forms field at the bottom shows all the forms you have open.
  4. Select the form you want to check and click OK.
    The Form Lookup closes and you are taken to the form you selected.
  5. If you have information on the above forms such as Business Name, Industry Code, Busines Date, Partnership information, CCA information, or Address information, remove it.
  6. Close the form: from the Edit menu , select Close Unused Forms.

To return to the NETFILE process go to the File menu and select NETFILE.