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How do I file my tax return to Revenu Québec using the NetFile Québec service?

You file your Québec return from the same spot in TurboTax as your federal return. Most TurboTax users choose to file their federal return first, but you can choose to file your Québec return first if you’d prefer.

1. From the menu across the top of your screen, select File and then choose the first option in the menu that opens.

  • If you haven’t completed the Review section of your return yet, TurboTax will then guide you through a review of your return.
  • If you haven’t paid for your return (or confirmed your order if you’re using TurboTax Free), TurboTax will then guide you through the Payment section.  Note: Paying for your return does not file your return to the CRA. Once you’ve paid for your return, you will need to complete the steps that follow to file your return.

2. On the File step, select the NetFile Québecbutton.

  • If you’ve prepared a return for your spouse/partner together with yours, your returns must be filed one at a time. You’ll need to select the NetFile Québecbutton for each of your returns. TurboTax will bring you back to this step to file the second return once the first return is filed.

3. On the NetFile Québec Restrictions step, review the restrictions, answer the question and select Continue.

4. On the NetFile Québec Additional Information step, answer the questions and select Continue.

5. On the NetFile Québec: Errors step, select Continue.

6. On the NetFile Québec Transmission, select Continue.

7. TurboTax then transmits your return to Revenu Québec for you. When you return has been successfully received by Revenu Québec, you will receive a NetFile Québec confirmation number.

Important: If when you attempt to file, your return is not accepted by Revenu Québec, TurboTax will display an error message and/or an error code explaining why your return was not accepted. Depending on the error you receive, you may be able to resolve the error and try to submit to NetFile Québec again. Until you get a Revenu Québec confirmation number, you have not successfully filed.

Be sure to continue following the steps in TurboTax until you get a NetFile Québec confirmation number; it’s your guarantee that your return was received. Save this number for your records.