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TurboTax FAQ
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What do I do if I don’t know my spouse’s income?

When you don’t know your spouse’s income and can’t find out through reasonable means, the CRA recommends that you enter your best estimate.

  • The CRA will assess your and your spouse’s (or former spouse’s) returns together to ensure that credits and deductions were correctly applied between you. If there’s any inaccuracy or mismatch, they’ll reassess your returns.
  • Tip: You may want to save your tax refund (if any) until you receive your Notice of Assessment or Reassessment in case some or all of it needs to be repaid.


Important: If you don’t enter your spouse’s income (or an estimate), it’s important that you do not claim the Spousal Amount.

To avoid claiming the Spousal Amount, follow the instructions below.



Instructions for the TurboTax online edition

1. Select the image of the magnifying glass (or Find) in the upper-right area of TurboTax.

2. Enter “information” in the Find window.

3. Select Information About Your Spouse or Common-Law Partner from the list of results, and then select Go.

The Now, let’s get [name’s] information step appears.

4. Fill out the form in TurboTax.

5. Select Continue.

The Tell us more about [name] step appears.

6. Follow the instruction below that matches your situation.

  • If your spouse’s net income is more than $1, select No where it says Was [name’s] net income for 20xx zero? Then enter “$25,000” where it says Net income from [name]’s 20xx federal tax return.
  • If your spouse’s net income is $1 or less, select Yes where it says Was [name’s] net income for 20xx zero?

Note: Entering $25,000 won’t affect the outcome of your return; it simply makes you ineligible for the Spousal Amount.

7. Select No where it says Are you claiming the spousal amount?

8. Fill out the rest of the form in TurboTax.

9. Select Continue.



Instructions for the TurboTax CD/download edition

1. On the left-hand navigation menu, select Introduction to open/expand it (unless it's already open), and then select Name, Info about your spouse or partner from the menu.

The Information about your spouse or common-law partner step appears.

2. Enter “$25,000” where it says Their net income for 20xx (where “20xx” is the tax year).

3. Select Check this box if you don’t know your spouse/partner’s net income.

4. Select No, I know that I am not eligible to claim the spousal amount where it says Do you want TurboTax to calculate whether you are eligible for a full or partial spousal amount credit?

5. Fill out the rest of the form in TurboTax.

6. Select Continue.





Note: Whether you enter an amount for your spouse’s income or not, you should complete the rest of the information on your spouse to the best of your ability, especially if you have dependants. The CRA relies on this information to ensure that both you and your spouse are compliant in claiming dependant credits.




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