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(TurboTax Business Incorporated) How do I buy T2 returns in TurboTax Business Incorporated?

This FAQ applies to the TurboTax Business Incorporated edition.

TurboTax Business Incorporated allows you to print and/or Internet file one corporate return to federal and provincial authorities. To file or print additional returns, you will need an authorization code for each return. To obtain the necessary codes to do do, you have to purchase additional returns (federal and related provincial return included) for $249.99.

Obtain a code for additional corporate returns

  1. Create a new T2 corporate return.
  2. Enter a Business ID, a company name and a year-end. It's important that you enter it correctly--once you receive the code, you cannot change this information on the T2 return.
  3. Select File > Print.
    • A dialog box provides further instructions. Read them.
  4. Click on the Purchase button to access the Internet, and jump to our secure web site order process.
    • The online order process automatically begins your order for an additional print authorization.
  5. Enter your personal information. Click Next.
  6. Complete your credit card information.
    • Your credit card is charged -- once verified, an authorization code will be automatically entered into the program.
    • You will also receive the authorization code by to the email address you provided.

The new authorization code stays permanently associated with that particular TurboTax Business Incorporated return. That means you can print additional copies of the return anytime.

Important notice: Before purchasing your print authorization code, please confirm that the business number, legal name of corporation and the year-end are correct.